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Electronic Medical Pathways


Additionally, the EMP HIV/AIDS pathway has been a significant factor in treating, monitoring and reducing mother-child transmission of HIV in developing countries. These efforts are only the beginning of the urgent health issues Vista EMP could be used to address throughout Africa.

Vista EMP has a variety of applications, including:

  • Health management for specific populations, such as chronic disease patients, home healthcare patients, and students
  • Monitoring and treatment of specific conditions within a population, including HIV/AIDS, TB, and Cervical Cancer
  • Emergency management
  • Biomedical data monitoring via electronic medical system reports

Vista Electronic Medical Pathways (EMP) is a medical record and information system designed to help clinicians deliver and document consistent, high quality medical care. This system leads providers through the steps of clinical care identified for their environment by local medical leaders. It is designed with and for clinicians with specific awareness of their environment and the needs of their clients.

Many of these clinicians, often operating in rugged or remote environments, lack comprehensive medical records or are forced to depend on unreliable and unwieldy paper-based systems. With Vista EMP, they are able to reliably store every important detail of every patient encounter. EMP also allows for the more effective dissemination of standardized healthcare procedures, information that some clinicians may not have previously had access to.

Designed for cross-system data sharing, Vista EMP offers a customizable platform with role-based, military grade record security for a small financial commitment. It can be utilized effectively in rural and remote areas thanks to smart-synch technology that allows for deployment when internet connection, network access, and even electrical power are limited. This enables medical providers to access electronic records with mobile technologies when the patient location lacks internet access.

Currently the EMP Cervical Cancer Pathway is implemented in Botswana as part of the Microsoft and Botswana Government TV White Space project. TV White Space delivers fast (10 mbps) internet speed to clients. Care providers throughout Botswana can then use the Vista system to provide an urgently needed standard examination and treatment protocol for cervical cancer.

Vista EMP Features:

  • Point-of-Care Support: Real time data collection at point-of-care
  • Integrated Patient Records: Allow longitudinal tracking chronic disease management
  • Care Guidance: Leads doctors, nurses and other providers through standardized pathways of care
  • Easy-to-Use: Designed for use on laptops, tablets and mobile devices for novice and experienced users
  • Low Cost
  • “Occasionally Connected” Design: Can operate remotely when disconnected from server
  • Open Interface: For data exchange with Ministry of Health and commercial systems
  • Inline Support Features: “Help” and “Documentation” on each screen
  • Multi-level Security: “Role-Based” Security
  • Encrypted: Secure Data Storage and Communication
  • Customizable: Locally Configurable Look-up Tables and Language Settings
  • Continuous Development: System architecture facilitates rapid development of new pathways